Trexler Nature Preserve Updates

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Valley Mountain Bikers, working with Lehigh County, is designing and building a new flow trail at Trexler Nature Preserve that we believe will be one of the best flow trails in the mid-Atlantic region. Grant funding is in place as of February 2019, and we expect the trail project to begin this year. This page will include information on the trail, background on the project, and updates on progress as we move along. 

UPDATE 11/30

A lot of important behind-the-scenes work has been happening at Trexler Nature Preserve. After having a prelimanary trail plan produced and flagged by Andrew Mueller at Greenstone Trail Craft in April, the plan was handed over to Hanover Engineering to tackle erosion and sedimentation controls for permitting. That work is nearly complete and we'll submit for permits this week to the Lehigh County Conservation District. We expect a quick approval (3 to 4 months) and will send the project out for bids then. 

UPDATE 03/29:

This month, we've received approval from DCNR, the grant adminstrator, and Lehigh County to hire a professional trail designer to develop a concept plan for the trail. This will be done by taking input from VMB and other stakeholders, ground truthing the area, and develop a concept based on our critera: A one way flow trail with natural and man made features that's approximate 1.75 miles long. This concept will be used to put in the bid package so interested builders have a framework to provide a competitive and accurate bid. Once the concept plan is done (we expect this within 30 to 45 days) we will complete the RFP and put the project out to bid. We've received estimates from several conceptual designers and will hire one the first week of April.

UPDATE 03/02 

Map of the area we've identified and that has been approved by Lehigh County, Wildlands, and the PA Game Commission to locate the trail:

UPDATE: 1/31

VMB met with Lehigh County and the head grant administrator for the DCRN to review our grant and details for the project to make sure all elements met DCNR and Lehigh County requirements. The DCRN is excited about the project, it being one of the few mountain bike trail projects they've awarded. The grant is offically awarded to the county and any funding hurdles have been cleared. From a financial standpoint, we're flying. 

The next step is for VMB to hire a trail designer to put a concept plan together, based on our input, that we will include in the RFP that goes out to trail builders. This is a concept that they will bid on then use as the framework for the final trail design and build. We anticipate the RFP going out in late spring, with permitting in the summer and construction in the fall. 


The new trail at Trexler will be a 1.75 mile-long flow trail located in the Hunsicker Valley in the North Range of Trexler's Nature Reserve. It will be, when completed, one of the top flow trails in the Northeast. The trail will use both the north and south grades of the Valley, and connect to the existing trail system with new connector trails. Construction will be paid for by a $128k grant from the DCNR awarded to Lehigh County. The trail will be a directional, mountain bike only, flow trail with natural and man-made features. There will be jumps, and berms, and all the good things you'd want on a flow trail. With the grant awarded in November 2018, we expect the project to be completed in late 2019 or early 2020.